Settlement Of Bets

Bets are normally settled shortly after an event has finished.

It’s important that all bets are settled correctly, meaning it may take slightly longer to receive any potential returns.Bets will be settled once the full result of that event or market is known.Sometimes results may be delayed due to a photo finish, a force majeure or a technical issue.

If a bet you’ve placed hasn’t been settled, make sure that the event has finished. Bets that have been placed in-play may not be settled immediately, even if the result is known. On Saturday afternoons balances may take longer to update because of the sheer number of events finishing at the same time. This high volume of bets in the queue can sometimes cause settlement to take longer than usual. For overnight events, these may take longer to be settled too.

If you’ve double-checked your bet and it remains unsettled for more than 30 minutes after the event has finished and the result is known, please contact us and we will investigate.