Unfinished Games

If your game round is disrupted, all game information and placed bets are stored until you re-open the game. You may continue your unfinished round from the point of interruption. Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 7 days. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Game Rules

In Keno, the grid includes 80 numbers. Twenty numbers are randomly drawn in each round. Your objective is to correctly pick 2 to 10 numbers that match the numbers drawn.

The paytable reflects: a) the amount of your bet; b) how many numbers you select; and 3) how many hits you receive. The minimum number of hits required to win depends on how many numbers you select.

The minimum RTP is 90.83%.


  • Increase Denomination - Click + to increase the denomination of each coin.
  • Decrease Denomination - Click - to decrease the denomination of each coin.
  • Clear - Clears selected numbers on the grid.
  • Autopick - Randomly picks numbers for you. You can change how many numbers that are to be randomly picked in the Autopick settings dialog.
  • Play - Starts the game round. Twenty numbers are randomly drawn and marked on the grid. Your hits and misses are shown.

The maximum win in a game is 350,000,000 COP or 10,000 times the bet, whichever is reached first. Other limits may apply per provider.

Last modification date: 3/8/2023