2. BWIN LATAM S.A.S. (hereinafter referred to as ‘BWIN’), is a company registered under the Tax ID 901.369.205-6 and is headquartered at Carrera 15 # 106 – 32, Oficina PH 3, in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. The company offers internet games in Colombia on the basis of the Concession Contract No. C-1747 of 2020 with COLJUEGOS pursuant to the provisions and requirements established by COLJUEGOS.

  4. The following services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘SERVICES’) are offered on the website https://sports.bwin.co/and/or any other online and/or mobile platform supplied by BWIN (hereinafter referred to as the ‘PLATFORM’):

      • Sports betting services
      • Game services

    These SERVICES may be used for recreational purposes only. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

  6. To establish conditions for the use of the SERVICES provided by BWIN, including access to the same, as well as payment methods and obligations.

  8. Those who use the SERVICES (hereinafter referred to as the ‘USERS’) acknowledge and declare they have read and accepted all of the present Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the ‘T&Cs’), and are legally bound and obliged to adhere to them.

    If USERS do not accept these T&Cs, they must refrain from any use whatsoever of the SERVICES.

    USERS must bear in mind that in the case of any discrepancy between the present T&Cs and the rules of the game or any other documents referred to herein, the T&Cs shall prevail.

  9. USERS
  10. The SERVICES may only be used by users over the age of 18. Access to or use thereof by persons who are underage is prohibited.

    Pursuant to the foregoing, BWIN verifies the age of USERS when they register on the PLATFORM to prevent use by those who are underage.

    To be able to make use of the SERVICES, USERS must comply with the legal obligations relating to their identification and allow BWIN to verify, through the appropriate technical channels, that USERS are not subject to any exclusion or prohibition with regard to gambling under Colombian law. USERS may only activate their account, create a game account, and use the SERVICES after having provided BWIN with complete and accurate information as specified by Colombian law, and only after accepting these T&Cs.

    BWIN reserves the right to request documents to verify the age of the USERS and to suspend their accounts until such proof is satisfactory. USERS understand and accept that BWIN cannot provide legal guidance or guarantees, and that it is the USERS’ responsibility to ensure they comply with applicable laws at all times and are legally entitled to use the SERVICES.

    Use of the SERVICES shall be at the discretion, judgement and risk of USERS, subject to Colombian law.

    The following persons are not permitted to open an account (or have an active account) on the PLATFORM, or to directly or indirectly use the SERVICES (hereinafter referred to as ‘Unauthorised Persons’):

      • Managers, directors, employees, consultants or agents of ENTAIN or of its direct or indirect subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the ‘GROUP’).
      • Suppliers or distributors of the GROUP.
      • Associates of the GROUP.
      • Betting brokers or agents or persons who participate in the creation, organisation or realisation of an event for which we offer bets (only with regard to sports betting services), including but not limited to sportspeople, athletes and members of sports clubs and/or leagues.
      • Persons who appear in a general register of persons prohibited from gambling.

    This prohibition extends to the family members of Unauthorised Persons. To this end, the term ‘family member’ includes (but is not limited to) any spouse, partner, parent, child, brother or sister.

    The aforementioned prohibition is excluded insofar as the use of the SERVICES corresponds with compliance with duties as an employee of the GROUP.

  12. In order for USERS to be able to use the SERVICES offered by BWIN, they must create an account on the PLATFORM. Creating an account is free of charge.

    When creating this account, USERS must register the email and choose a password. In addition to this, they must complete the registration form in which they need to enter the following details:

      • Name and surname(s)
      • Address
      • Postcode
      • Region/County/Municipality
      • Nationality
      • E-mail
      • Gender
      • Date of birth
      • Place of birth
      • Type of ID
      • ID number
      • Date of issue of ID
      • Place of issue of ID
      • Where applicable, the expiration date of a foreigners’ ID card, Temporary Protection Permit or Special Permit to Stay.
      • Telephone number
      • Daily, weekly and monthly limit for acquiring credits to participate

    Once the account is created, USERS have a 30-day grace period during which they must upload the following documents:

      • Colombian ID card for Colombian nationals
      • Foreigners’ ID card for foreign residents of Colombian territory
      • Foreigners’ ID card, Temporary Protection Permit or Special Permit to Stay for Venezuelans residents of Colombian territory.

    To upload these documents, USERS must click on the link VERIFY NOW at the top of the website when USERS log in. When clicked, there is a drop-down list of document types. The correct document type must be selected and then uploaded.

    During this grace period, and while USERS have not yet uploaded documents, an alert will appear at every login showing the days remaining to upload the documents.

    Once the documents are uploaded, BWIN will validate them. If no inconsistencies appear in the information, the account will be officially activated. If the uploaded documents are invalid, or don’t coincide with the data provided when opening the account, the documents will be rejected and USERS will receive a communication stating that they must upload new documents or correct the documents already uploaded.

    If once the 30-day grace period has elapsed and the USER has not uploaded the correct documentation, the account will be marked as ‘closed’ and will no longer be able to be logged in to.

    The first deposit of all new registrations on the PLATFORM will be limited to a total amount of 600.000 COP in accordance with our Responsible Gaming guidelines.

  14. The details provided for registering on the PLATFORM and creating the account must coincide with the USER who uses it.

    If after initial verification of the account USERS make changes to their profile that create doubts as to their identification, such as changing their full name, ID or address, among others changes, or add payments with bank cards that are not issued in their name, BWIN may proceed with a new verification of identity by requesting documents, including but not limited to: copies of valid ID documents or passport and/or the cards with which payments are made, and sufficient proof of address such as bank statements and bills.

    This will be requested by e-mail and USERS will be provided with the reasons for the request and the deadline by which the documents must be sent. Failing to send these documents may result in account suspension.

    The account balance is the amount of real money in the account, where applicable, after adding the wins accumulated through use of the SERVICES and deducting any losses, charges and commissions; or payments requested or amounts claimed by us for any fraudulent act (verified or suspected); or due to rejection or cancellation of payments or other bank transactions (whether because of insufficient funds, returned payments or other motives); any fee for inactive accounts (consult Section 11); or any amount that may be deductible or seized for any other reasons by virtue of the agreements (‘account balance’).

    USERS may not have more than one (1) account linked to their details (information on the registration form) on the PLATFORM. If you have more than one (1) account with different names, you must contact BWIN immediately to go through the required process to have only one (1) account.

    If you have several accounts open, BWIN will inform you by e-mail that this breaches the T&Cs, and will give you five working days to respond to the e-mail indicating the account you wish to keep; if no response is received by the stated deadline, BWIN will close all the accounts. If BWIN has sufficient grounds to believe that USERS have opened several accounts with the aim of engaging in a criminal act against BWIN or the GROUP, BWIN reserves the right to cancel any transaction relating to said accounts. Examples of such acts include:

      • Identity theft
      • Executing transactions on behalf of a third party (including a family member)
      • A gaming pattern not in line with recreational gambling (to be determined by our Sports Integrity team)
      • Accessing several accounts through the same device
      • Identification of accounts with the same IP

    If USERS do not make use of their accounts for six consecutive months, the account shall be suspended for being inactive. Any gifts or allowances assigned to the account shall be withdrawn if the timeframe for using them expires while the account is in suspension.

    If USERS wish to reactivate their account, they must call the customer service number and go through the authentication process.

    If the account stays suspended for 11 consecutive months, it will be cancelled and the account balance will be transferred.

    Cancelled accounts may not be reactivated. If USERS wish to make use of the SERVICES again, in such case a new account will need to be created.

    The username and password selected by USERS shall not be disclosed by BWIN to third parties. This means USERS bear the sole responsibility for the security of their usernames and passwords and agree to keep these secret and not allow anyone else to use them. BWIN shall not be liable for any loss suffered by USERS resulting from the unauthorised use or misuse of their access. If USERS lose their username or password or any other data used to access the platform, they must contact BWIN to re-set them.

    USERS are entitled to unilaterally request that their account to be closed, in which case the following procedure will apply:

      • USERS may go to the Customer Service chat function available 24/7 and request the temporary or permanent closure of their account.
      • If there is an available balance to be withdrawn from an account, BWIN will proceed with crediting it in the following way:
      • The balance of the game account (with the exception of the bonuses received) of the USERS’ will be returned to the bank account or channel indicated by the user previously and supported by means of a bank certification, through the email soporte@bwin.co where you want the corresponding return to be made.

    BWIN is entitled to unilaterally close the account if it detects that USERS have breached the T&Cs or the rules of the game, for which the following procedure applies:

      • BWIN will notify USERS by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided when opening the account.
      • This e-mail must be sent within seven (7) days of account closure.
      • USERS may respond to the e-mail asking BWIN that the account remain open. However, given that this decision may be made unilaterally by BWIN, the account may be closed despite the customer’s request.
      • BWIN will reimburse USERS the balance of their accounts within 15 days of the date of the effective account closure, unless the cancellation is in accordance with the provisions of Clause 13 in the T&Cs. In such cases, the account balance may be withheld, and no amount, voucher or winings in the account will be returned.
      • Reimbursements shall occur in the following way:
        • The balance of the account and remnants of the USERS’ will be returned to the bank account or channel indicated by the user previously and supported by means of duly verified bank certification, through the email soporte@bwin.co where you want the return to be made correspondent.
        • If the bank certification is not verified or there are force majeure problems, the period indicated above (15 days) will not be applicable.


    In accordance with Due Diligence Requirements (KYC), all data belonging to USERS will go through a security check to approve the validity and legitimacy of the documents presented and to confirm the identity of the USERS.

    To maintain a high level of security and system integrity, BWIN reserves the right to conduct a security check to validate USERS’ identity, age and registration details, including but not limited to complying with the T&Cs and the policies of the GROUP, and the USERS’ financial transactions through the SERVICES with the aim of discovering potential breaches of the T&Csand any applicable law using its own means or through third parties who provide such services.

    For this purpose, USERS authorise BWIN and its agents to undertake any investigation relating to USERS that requires the use and disclosure to third parties of the USERS’ information necessary to validate the details provided in accordance with these T&Cs, including but not limited to requesting credit scores and/or verifying the information in any other way with third-party databases. Moreover, to facilitate these security checks, USERS agree to provide the information or documentation that BWIN requests.


    BWIN shall have unilateral power to cancel and close the accounts of USERS who engage in the following:

      • Duplicating registration information (e-mail, telephone numbers, IDs).
      • USERS who attempt to create more than one account with BWIN.
      • USERS who do not provide the documents necessary to verify their ID within 30 days.
      • USERS who misuse the SERVICESas stipulated under number 13 of the T&Cs

    To complete the cancellation and closure of the account, BWIN will follow the process set out in Clause 13 of the T&Cs.

  16. On an annual basis, from the date of the registration of USERS on the PLATFORM, they will receive an e-mail asking them to update their data registered on the PLATFORM, and that data may then be verified by BWIN if deemed necessary.

  18. Colombian pesos are the currency for acquiring and withdrawing funds corresponding to credits for participating in games (hereinafter referred to as the ‘CURRENCY’).

    Moreover, CURRENCY in competitions and matches involving 'real money’ shall be the Colombian peso.

    We reserve the right to establish monthly limits for payment requests on accounts as long as this is compatible with Colombian law. Moreover, there may be minimum and maximum limits applied to account transactions based on your history with BWIN, the method of payment and other factors established by BWIN.

    Game transactions in foreign currencies, virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies are not permitted on the PLATFORM.

  20. In order to play games or place bets, USERS must have sufficient credit in their account on the PLATFORM. The credit corresponds to the real money in the account, which includes money topped up by USERS and the earnings for the use of the SERVICES, minus bets placed and the commissions due. Credits on the account cannot be exchanged or substituted for other prizes.

    We reserve the right to withhold USERS’ account balances if they conduct any action relating to the misuse of the SERVICES, as stipulated under Clause 13 of the T&Cs. Equally, we reserve the right to report and withhold any amount of earnings in order to comply with any applicable laws.

    USERS shall be responsible for paying any taxes on earnings. Credit on the account cannot be transferred, exchanged or substituted for other prizes. The payment of any credit requested shall occur by the same payment methods as those used to make payments or by another mutually agreed to method.

    To top-up credit on the account, USERS have the following methods at their disposal:

      • BALOTO
      • EFECTY
      • RED SERVI
      • CARULLA
      • SURTIMAX
      • Bank transfers
      • PSE
      • VISA

    Payments shall be made as quickly as possible (subject to an internal processing time of seventy-two (72) hours maximum), although in exceptional cases there may be delays due to security checks (consult Section 16), unless payments are withheld in accordance with the provisions of these agreements.

    Acceptance of a credit payment request shall be subject to the payment of real money into your account, as well as any restrictions concerning payment methods, vouchers and/or security checks (consult Section 16), and any other terms contained in the T&Cs. All funds withdrawn shall be subject to transaction limits. To obtain more information on the options for payments and top-ups, consult your preferred Bank.

    Since we operate a Closed Loop System to process reimbursement requests in order to protect our USERS and BWIN from card theft and fraud, sometimes reimbursements may be transferred to a variety of payment methods using the original payment methods chosen by USERS when they deposited funds as specified in the example below. BWIN may process and make reimbursements using the payment methods USERS originally chose to make their deposits, up to the total amount deposited, before other payment methods are deployed.

    If USERS request a reimbursement, wherever possible payment shall be made automatically through the payment method(s) used previously, up to the amount of the said deposits. For example:

      • Monday you deposit 50,000 COP through PSE;
      • Tuesday you deposit 50,000 COP through Baloto;
      • Wednesday you deposit 50,000 COP through PSE;
      • Thursday you deposit 50,000 COP through a VISA debit card;
      • Friday you deposit 50,000 COP through MasterCard.

    Between Monday and Friday the Balance of Deposits made by the USER would be 250,000 COP:

      • 100,000 with PSE;
      • 50,000 with Baloto;
      • 50,000 COP with VISA debit card;
      • 50,000 with MasterCard.

    On Saturday, USER requests a reimbursement of 450,000 COP.

    The first 250,000 COP of their reimbursement shall be paid in the following way:

      • 100,000 COP to the PSE account;
      • 50,000 COP to the Baloto account;
      • 50,000 COP to the VISA debit account;
      • 50,000 COP to the MasterCard account;

    The amount pending reimbursement, 200,000 COP (the amount that exceeds the Balance of Deposits) shall be paid using the chosen payment method.

    USERS must have the necessary permissions to use any of these top-up methods, which amount to an exclusive relationship between them and their chosen financial institutions.

    The funds shall be paid to USERS’ accounts once BWIN has confirmed that the transaction was completed successfully.

    The minimum top-up amount is 10,000 COP.

    The maximum top-up amount is 10,000,000 COP.

    The USER may request the payment of the balance of his account by means of payment chosen at any time. Provided that BWIN has verified:

      • The information provided by the USER in the process of opening a user account.
      • That the USER has made a maximum (3) three daily withdrawals of funds.
      • That at the time of withdrawal the sum of the bets made, are greater than or equal to 50% of the total deposits. This condition does not apply to the prizes obtained by the player.

    USERS may ask for a credit on their account to be paid at any time, as long as all the bank transfers have been received. BWIN may pay all or part of the reimbursement through the same method of payment, in accordance with the procedure stipulated in this Clause, and always in Colombian pesos. When a credit or debit card, or an electronic wallet is used to make a payment, BWIN may refuse any payment request made within fourteen (14) days of its payment.

  22. BWIN may offer gifts and vouchers (hereinafter referred to as ‘VOUCHERS’) to USERS, which shall be credited to the accounts of those who fulfil the conditions established for each offer.

    Whenever VOUCHERS are offered, the requirements that must be fulfilled for the Voucher credits will be clearly and precisely specified. USERS shall also be informed as to whether Vouchers may be redeemed for a specific service on the PLATFORM, whether they apply to all services, and any other information necessary for their use.

    USERS may not request an exclusive payment equaling the value of the VOUCHER or payment or credit into a savings or current account, since vouchers may not be paid out in money, but must instead be used directly for SERVICES.

    BWIN reserves the right to credit the promotion called "Welcome Bonus" or any other promotional initiative carried out on the PLATFORM, when the USER:

    1. Registers from an IP address or use personal data classified by BWIN as fraudulent or suspicious (including, but not limited to, cases of duplicate accounts, personal data that could not be verified and other fraudulent behaviors from the identified IP address).
    2. Opened multiple accounts on the PLATFORM, whether they are active or inactive.
    3. When there is duplication of data in the USER registration process with other pre-existing accounts on the PLATFORM.
    4. When, within the account verification process, it is determined that the USER does not meet the requirements for the successful verification of the account, does not provide sufficient documents for the verification of the account or the time granted for the verification of the account, mentioned in Section 6 of these T&C, elapse.
    5. When it is verified that the USER, through another account, has already redeemed the BONUSES.

    The behaviors described above do not limit BWIN's discretion to grant any type of promotional initiative to USERS within the PLATFORM. If BWIN has sufficient evidence to consider that a USER misuses or attempts to misuse BONUSES, BWIN may, at its discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw any BONUS from said USER, or cancel any condition of use with respect to it, either temporarily or permanently, and terminate the USER's access to the SERVICES and/or block said USER's account or terminate the game contract.

  24. BWIN reserves the right to suspend, amend, eliminate and/or add any of the SERVICES at its discretion, immediately and without prior notice, and shall not be held liable for such action.

    BWIN reserves the right to occasionally suspend the use of specific SERVICES, the PLATFORM or any game on its platform.


    USERS must use the sports betting services in accordance with the rules of the games set out in https://help.bwin.co/es/sports-help/betting-rules and on any other page specifically related to an event, game or tournament in question (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rules’).

    1. a) Betting Terms & Conditions

    BWIN may use symbols such as 1, X and 2, and abbreviations to show the results of bets.

    There will be a help section at all times for the sports betting services to allow USERS to find details on the types of bets and terms used.

    USERS must familiarise themselves with the information details on a bet before placing it.

    Any information shown at the top or bottom of event screens and the odds that form part of the betting rules for an event in particular shall prevail over the T&Cs, including in the event of any discrepancies.

    1. b) Betting limits

    BWIN shall establish the maximum amount for any single or combination bet.

    1. c) Winning limits

    The maximum winnings on sports betting services in any 7-day period shall be 1,081,000,000 COP. This maximum shall be applied taking into account the number of pending or placed bets, and their amounts in relation with the corresponding odds. That means USERS may not place bets that, if they result in a win, exceed the specified limit within a period of 7 days. Once the maximum amount for bets is reached (with regard to the specific maximum win amount), no more bets will be accepted within the same 7-day period.

    The maximum amount you may win through the sports betting services in a single bet is 43,300,000 COP. This single-bet maximum shall apply taking into account the amount of the bet in relation to the bet odds. That means USERS may not bet an amount that, with regard to the odds of the bet in question, may exceed the specified maximum prize per single bet. The acceptance of a bet by BWIN does not constitute a payment agreement if the net prize exceeds the winning limits (specified above); USERS must be aware that the excess shall not be paid out if their net win exceeds this limit.

    1. d) Calculation of wins

    For fixed-odds betting, wins shall be calculated by multiplying the amount of the bet by the fixed odds.

    Changes in odds shall be understood to mean the changes that occur between adding your prediction to the betting slip and our acceptance of the bet.

    If USERS place more than one bet (including a combination of single and combined bets), and if the total amount won exceeds the winning limits established under (c) above, we are authorised to reduce the amount to reach the amount necessary to adhere to the winning limits.

    1. e) Specification of bets and results

    For the purposes of ensuring maximum precision in all bets and results, BWIN calculates the balance on USERS’ accounts up to four decimal places.

    For technical reasons, the balance of the account can only be shown with two decimal places, which may on occasion lead to discrepancies when the value using four decimal places is rounded to two.

    1. f) Acceptance and acknowledgement of terms

    Bets must be placed through the sports betting services.

    A bet is considered valid once it has been confirmed and accepted by BWIN’s remote services. Acceptance is shown using the bet transaction code displayed on the screen. When a bet is placed and accepted, the corresponding amount is withdrawn from USERS’ accounts. Once accepted, a bet cannot be cancelled or changed.

    When USERS place a bet, they confirm they are unaware of the result of the event on which the bet is based (hereinafter referred to as the ‘EVENT’). If during the period of acceptance of bets, information is discovered through which the result of the EVENT could be determined, BWIN may amend the time limit for acceptance of bets or cancel any bet placed.

    BWIN may cancel any bet, including but not limited to any bet accepted accidentally when aUSER’S account does not have enough credit to cover the amount of the bet placed before the start of the EVENT. By virtue of the foregoing, if the credit on the account partially covers the amount of the bet, BWIN may accept the bet for an amount equivalent to the account balance. Moreover, it may take all measures necessary to protect USERS from further losses if they lose 21,700,000 COP or more during a period of four (4) weeks.

    All bets must be made and accepted before the EVENT begins. Any bet placed or received after the start of the EVENT shall be cancelled unless that function is available after the start of the EVENT (such as live bets or bets on the winner of a competition).

    If during a live bet, TV reception or data transmission delays cause a bet to be placed with incorrect odds immediately after the selected team or participant has obtained a significant advantage, BWIN may cancel the bet, whether it is a winning or losing one.

    If an event is cancelled and considered null and void, the corresponding odds shall become one (1) with no decimal places. In the case of a single bet, the amount will be reimbursed. In the case of a multiple bet in which cancelled events are included with other valid events that have winning results, the bet shall be considered won, but the total odds will be adjusted accordingly.

    Combined bets shall not be accepted if the result of a prediction of one bet contributes to the outcome of another.

    BWIN may reject any bet, in whole or in part, and any ambiguous bets shall be cancelled.

    BWIN reserves the right to suspend, amend, eliminate and/or add any sports betting services, immediately and without prior notice.


    USERS must use the gaming services in accordance with the accepted rules found in the game rules section, and the related service procedures found in the games section of the website https://casino.bwin.co/es/games; including but not limited to the promotional offers section; the section on the game rules and instructions (https://help.bwin.co/es/casino-help/general/rules); and any other page relating specifically to a particular event, game or tournament (hereinafter referred to as the ‘RULES’).

    1. a) Games with real money and virtual money

    By registering with the gaming services, USERS can access (via software) both virtual-money games and tournaments ('virtual money games’ or ‘free games’ respectively) and real-money games and tournaments ('real-money games’ or ‘play-for-real games’ respectively) through the gaming services.

    No purchase is necessary to play games with virtual money, except for any costs you may incur to access the game services and the fees charged by your internet or telecom operator; USERS may play games with virtual money without needing to bet money.

    BWIN reserves the right to suspend, amend, eliminate and/or add game services immediately and without prior notice.

    1. b) Software

    USERS may install and use the software available on the platforms that provide game services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘software’) on a hard drive or other storage device, and make back-ups of the software, as long as such use and copies are for personal use only and for game services and in accordance with the T&Cs Such installation and use must only be on a computer or other device for which they are the principal user.

    The structure, organisation and coding of the software are valuable trade secrets of the GROUP and/or its associated companies and/or licensees. USERS do not obtain any right to the software, except for its use in accordance with the T&Cs. Except in the cases expressly permitted by law, it is prohibited to – and USERS accept not to – modify, adapt, translate, decompile, decompose, reverse engineer or make any other attempt to discover the source code of the software or any part thereof for the purposes of creating, publishing or distributing works derived from the software. USERS accept that the software shall not be sent, transferred or exported to another country or used to commit any act prohibited by any applicable law, restriction or regulation.

    1. c) Anti-cheating policy

    BWIN is committed to avoiding the use of unfair practices in game services, including but not limited to collusion between USERS. We are also committed to detecting and avoiding the use of software designed to allow artificial intelligence to participate on the PLATFORM, including but not limited to programs to create rival profiles, programs to cheat or any other act that enables an illicit advantage to be obtained over other users who do not use those programs or systems (such as ‘AI software’). USERS acknowledge that measures shall be taken to detect and avoid the use of these programs and AI software using different methods (including but not limited to verifying the list of programs that are currently being executed in users’ computers) and accept not to use AI software and/or any other similar program.

    Read our unfair advantage policy for more information.

    1. d) Shared platform for databases, games and tables

    BWIN may activate and use a shared database, server and table platform or system (‘shared game/table platform’).

    1. e) Account balances with real and virtual money

    ‘Virtual money’ balances do not have a value and are held separately from ‘real money’ balances. They may not be transferred to a ‘real money’ account or exchanged for any currency in circulation.

    BWIN does not commit to keeping a precise record of the number of ‘virtual money’ chips that USERS have, and these may be lost at any time. Moreover, BWIN may set a maximum limit of chips for ‘virtual money’ accounts.

    1. f) Game dispute resolution

    USERS fully accept that the random number generator (RNG) will take care of shuffling and dealing cards and determining the randomly generated events necessary for the game services.

    If there is any discrepancy between the result shown by the software (based on its installation and operation on the hardware), and the BWIN server, the result shown in the BWIN server will prevail. Moreover, USERS understand and accept that (without prejudice to their other rights and remedies), BWIN’s records will take priority when determining the games’ terms of use and services, the activity resulting therefrom, and the circumstances in which such activity occurred.

  26. Inappropriate play, fraudulent activity or prohibited transactions are forbidden on the PLATFORM, and include but are not limited to:

      • Manipulating the game.
      • Payment fraud.
      • Manipulating the multiple currency system.
      • Betting on all possible results of a game or event.
      • Publishing information or contacting USERS to make or promote offers, products or services outside the BWINPLATFORM.
      • Using stolen credit cards.
      • Returned funds or other reimbursements.
      • Money laundering.

    Use of the PLATFORM will also be considered forbidden if any of the following circumstances occur:

      • BWIN ascertains that USERS have played on another game page or service and are suspected of fraud, plotting (including those related to the return of funds) or inappropriate and illegal activity.
      • USERS that declare themselves bankrupt or are declared bankrupt through legal or administrative proceedings anywhere in the world.

    If one of these situations occur, BWIN will proceed with the following:

      • The player’s account shall be immediately placed under ‘Precautionary Suspension’. At that time, our risk and suspicious transactions team will commence the corresponding investigation. If the investigation is conclusive, the account will be cancelled based on a breach of the Terms & Conditions. The welcome voucher will be withheld as well as any other vouchers in the account, and any remaining balance will be returned.

    In the case of inappropriate play, fraudulent activity or a prohibited transaction BWIN reserves the right to suspend and/or close a USER’S account and to recover unpaid debts using any legal method at the company’s disposal, including but not limited to:

      • Charging the amount due in favour of BWIN; and
      • Informing debt collection agencies so they may proceed with collecting the debt.

    The aforementioned may have a detrimental impact on USERS’ credit scores and involves BWIN sharing USERS’ personal data (including ID) with competent authorities and reporting any criminal or suspicious behaviour to the authorities.

    BWIN reserves the right to cancel and withhold any gains obtained by a person or group of people and to cancel and withhold the player points of a USER or group of USERS if, after the above procedure, it finds there are grounds to believe that the USER or group of USERS are acting or have acted to commit fraud or in some way harm BWIN and/or the SERVICES and/or the PLATFORMS.

    With regard to the sports betting services, if BWIN suspects that there has been manipulation of a game, odds or an event, BWIN reserves the right to:

      • Suspend the offer of an event or series of events forecasted; and,
      • Delay and/or withhold payment for an event or series of events forecasted until the competent sporting federation has confirmed the integrity of said event or series of events.

    In the event the competent sports controlling authorities confirm the existence of active manipulation of an event or series of events, BWIN reserves the right to suspend bets placed on such events both for USERS who have had prior knowledge or information in connection with the bets, and for those individuals who BWIN reasonably believes are connected, acting as a team, or are involved in any way with the person in question.

  28. If USERS find any errors with regard to an account, in connection with a calculation relating to a bet placed or currency conversions, it must inform BWIN of the situation.

    In the event of an error or any system or game failure (a deviation from the normal operation of the game logic for any reason whatsoever) results in a mistaken probabilities calculation, fees, charges, commissions, vouchers or payments, or any currency conversion where applicable, we shall strive to restore the groups affected by such an error to the same state as they were in before it occurred.

    BWIN shall declare any bet that caused such an error null and void and shall confiscate the money relating to the pertinent bets.

    If for whatever reason, BWIN determines that USERS have used the error to gain an unfair advantage of any kind, we reserve the right to consider such activity subject to the provisions of Clause 7.2 of the T&Cs.

  29. OPT-OUT
  30. If USERS have on occasion made use of opt-out tools with relation to any platform provided by any of the companies in the GROUP, they acknowledge and accept that they have no permission to open or use an account with another company in the GROUP for the opt-out period selected. USERS may only access their account to request a withdrawal of credit on their account.

    In the event of non-compliance with the foregoing, both BWIN and the GROUP may suspend any balance or payment (or payments made) to the account created. As a result, neither BWIN nor the GROUP shall be responsible for reimbursing the amount that USERS have bet during the opt-out period they selected.

  32. The term BWIN and any other brand used by the GROUP are trademarks and/or registered names of the GROUP or of its subsidiaries, associated companies and or licensees.

    Moreover, all material used by the GROUP including but not limited to software, images, drawings, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio and text (and the intellectual property rights relating thereto) is the property of the GROUP, its subsidiaries or associated companies and/or licensees, and is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.

    Consequently, the material referred to herein may not be used, amended, copied, reproduced, transferred or distributed in any way or by any means, except with the prior, written and express authorization of their owner.

    By allowing USERS to access the PLATFORM, neither BWIN nor the GROUP nor its licensees are granting any licence or authorisation for use of any kind whatsoever of its intellectual and industrial property rights or of any other property or right relating to the platforms or their content.

      • BWIN will proceed with verification of data to determine whether USERS are subject to any exclusion or prohibition regarding gambling in accordance with Colombian law and the guidelines of COLJUEGOS.
      • BWIN will conduct security checks on USERS, at any time, with the goal of maintaining a high level of security and integrity of the system, including verifying data, top-ups and the use of the SERVICES.
      • USERS may, after creating and verifying their accounts, change the data provided in the registration form by amending the preferences in their account.
      • BWIN has a VIP programme. Any query relating to membership thereof must be directed to the appropriate customer service lines set out in the COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS
      • No abusive or offensive terms shall be permitted on chat lines, on the PLATFORMS or to the staff of the GROUP. Moreover, false, malicious and/or harmful comments are prohibited with regard to the operations of the GROUP on any media or forum. In the event of such conduct, BWIN may reject or erase the content.
      • USERS are obliged to verify that the transactions have been correctly completed.
      • It is the USERS’ responsibility to correctly register the data input on the PLATFORM.
      • It is the USERS’ responsibility to correctly update the data input on the PLATFORM.
      • In the case of force majeure events, accidents or third-party acts that affect the SERVICES, or in the event that fraud is committed to the detriment of BWINor USERS, BWIN may amend all or part of the T&Cs and suspend the SERVICES permanently or temporarily without giving rise to any compensation in favour of the USER.
      • Access to the PLATFORM, downloads of any software relating to the SERVICES and their use shall occur at the judgement, discretion and risk of USERS. BWIN shall not be liable for errors or viruses that cause a loss of data or any other damage to IT devices, mobile phones/devices or software.
      • Equally, BWIN shall not be held liable for attempts to use the SERVICES through means or methods not contemplated in the present document. BWIN has no obligation whatsoever to provide networks and/or redundant or backup systems.

  35. The website https://sports.bwin.co/ is the property of BWIN. Access and use of the website is subject to the T&Cs and shall be the responsibility of the USER.

  37. Access to the website https://sports.bwin.co/ is free-of-charge except with regard to the cost of connection through telecoms networks supplied by access providers contracted by the USER. Access can be made via any web browser.

    Access to the website https://sports.bwin.co/ does not require prior subscription or registration by the USER meaning that it is free and for any person who wishes to visit it. USERS do however have to register if they wish to access the SERVICES offered by BWIN in accordance with the T&Cs.

  39. USERS must use the website https://sports.bwin.co/ and its contents in accordance with the T&Cs, uses and customs, good faith and applicable law. USERS shall bear sole responsibility vis-à-vis BWIN and/or third parties for the use they make of the website and its content. In no case and under no circumstances whatsoever shall BWIN accept responsibility resulting from the use of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ by USERS, especially in cases in which said use is in breach of the provisions of the T&Cs and/or applicable law.

    Moreover, any use of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ and or its contents that is abusive, fraudulent, illicit or contrary to good faith is expressly prohibited. Consequently and without limitation, USERS must refrain from:

      • Reproducing, distributing, publicly communicating, transforming or amending the website https://sports.bwin.co/ or any of its content, including the T&Cs, irrespective of the ends of such use, without prior authorisation in writing from BWIN.
      • Performing any act that is illicit, fraudulent, contrary to the T&Cs and applicable law, in contrary to good faith and that prevents and/or hinders the proper use of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ or its content.
      • Linking or reproducing the website https://sports.bwin.co/ or its content on external websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social media contrary to the law, or that is offensive or violates human dignity, fundamental rights or those of BWIN and likely to be considered illegal.
      • Introducing and/or sharing content on the website https://sports.bwin.co/ that violates human rights and or dignity such as racist, xenophobic, or pornographic content; or content that advocates terrorism and/or criminal activity; and/or content that is contrary to good uses and customs.
      • Gathering information or content from other users by automatic means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers).
      • Advertising, developing or using third-party applications for advertising purposes.

  41. The purpose of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ is for USERS to interact with and make use of the SERVICES offered by BWIN.

  43. BWIN does not guarantee the availability at all times of access to and the continuous operation of the website https://sports.bwin.co/. As a result, BWIN shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may be caused to USERS ensuing from lack of availability, access errors and a lack of continuity of the websitehttps://sports.bwin.co/.

    USERS acknowledge the website https://sports.bwin.co/ may be out of service for maintenance at any time without prior notice, and that this shall not cause damage to USERS, who shall refrain from claiming any compensation as a result.

    BWIN shall not be held liable for damage due to a virus infecting the USER’S equipment. Although the website https://sports.bwin.co/ contains the appropriate protection safeguards and uses standard technology to maintain and improve the security and integrity of the information it contains, the internet is not unassailable. In any case, it is USERS’ responsibility to protect their devices from potential viruses, malware, third-party attacks or any other harmful element that could affect their devices, and to enable the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs.

    Moreover, BWIN shall not be held liable for any illegitimate intrusion by third parties.

    USERS acknowledge and accept the website https://sports.bwin.co/ is provided by BWIN under these T&Cs and that this is the sole contractual relationship under which the website https://sports.bwin.co/ is provided. As a result, USERS accept not to make any kind of claims to partners, providers and companies associated with BWIN with regard to the website https://sports.bwin.co/.

  45. The website https://sports.bwin.co/ is the property of BWIN. The information, text, graphics, data, images, photographs, moving images, sound, illustrations, software and any content that appears on the website https://sports.bwin.co/ and that is necessary for the SERVICE are the property of BWIN.

    All the aspects of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ are protected by copyright including economic and moral rights, and trademarks in accordance with international laws and treaties regulating the protection of intellectual property.

    Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, provision and in general any other use and/or act of exploitation of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ and/or its content is prohibited, whether for commercial means or otherwise, without BWIN’s prior expressed authorisation in writing.

    BWIN reserves all intellectual and industrial property rights to the website https://sports.bwin.co/ and its content. In no case and under no circumstances whatsoever do downloads and/or access constitute or imply total or partial transfer of any kind by BWIN of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the website https://sports.bwin.co/ or its content.

  47. BWIN undertakes to protect privacy with regard to any information obtained through the use of the website https://sports.bwin.co/.

    Use of this website implies electronic transmission of data through the internet service provider’s network. Given that BWIN does not operate or control the Wi-Fi networks used to access the website https://sports.bwin.co/, BWIN is not liable for the privacy or security of the data sent over these networks. USERS must use accredited service providers and verify their internet service provider's information regarding its privacy and security practices.


  49. If USERS have any comments, suggestions or complaints (‘CSC’), they must address them directly to BWIN so that it can proceed with handling and responding to them.

    The CSC communications channels provided by BWIN are:

      1. In writing to: Carrera 15 #106-32 Oficina PH 3, Bogotá D.C., Colombia
      2. By e-mail to: es@bwin.co
      3. On social media at:
        1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bwinColombia/
        2. Instagram: https://instagram.com/bwin_co?utm_medium=copy_link
        3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bwincolombia?lang=es

    Complaints and Suggestions shall be handled in accordance with applicable law.

    The decisions made by BWIN when resolving Complaints and Suggestions shall be independent and shall not affect the SERVICES or the T&Cs in any way whatsoever.

    If USERS are not satisfied with the response, they may contact COLJUEGOS (Cra. 11 No. 93A - 85, Bogotá D.C, Colombia. Phone: (+571) 742 33 68).


    The general information security and privacy policy may be consulted at https://help.bwin.co/es/general-information/security/privacy-policy


    Any breach by a USER of the T&Cs shall grant BWIN the right to commence proceedings stipulated in sub-section 13, "action against improper use of the services."

    If the breach results in a loss for BWIN or the GROUP, legal proceedings shall be initiated against the USER in such breach.


    The T&Cs shall be amended any time there is a change to the SERVICES that generates a variation in the conditions thereof. Such amendments shall be duly communicated on the website https://sports.bwin.co/.


    Any difference or discrepancy between BWIN and the USER shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia, with the exception of any law that refers to the application of a foreign law.


    The official language of these T&Cs is Spanish. If a translation of this document is provided in any other language, the Spanish version shall prevail in the event of any discrepancies in the translations.


    The present T&Cs are valid from the date of publication until the date on which they are amended by BWIN.

    Publication date: 29th March, 2023